Week 6 Rstudio installation

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Rstudio installation

In the coming weeks, we’ll be lowering ourselves into the sorts of applied computing most widely used in the social sciences and humanities; until we get to Racket in the closing weeks of the course, we’ll be using the statistical computing environment R


To install R on your computer, you should use the R-studio IDE. (This should look familiar to you from DrRacket: it provides a window for you to develop code, and an evaluation buffer beneath.)

Racket is a low-level language that can teach you the fundamentals of programming: R is a high-level language designed to make certain sorts of statistical operations much easier.

In addition to simply downloading the IDE, you may also, depending on your operating system, need to install

  1. The base R program
  2. A developer tools package for R
  3. Some ‘bindings’ to Java that make it possible to run a few of the programs we’ll be using.

Rather than worry up front about whether you have these things installed, you should simply try typing the following into the command prompt in R.


(Just like in DrRacket, the prompt is the cursor following the > carat sign.)

If you can run those three lines, you’re in shape to go. If not, see if you can solve the errors by Googling around; if not, come to office hours and we’ll see what we can do.