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In-class work: 25%

  • Attendance
  • In-class work/reading responses
  • Showing up with software installed

Applied Computing Assignments: 35%

These are weighted relative to each other. Weights are listed on assignments, but will be roughly the following:

  • Mental Mapping – 2 unit
  • Shoreline tracing in GIS – 1 unit
  • 3d-printed shoremap – 1 unit
  • Investigating Archival data – 3 units
  • Not reading a Bostonian biography – 2 units
  • Election PCA/predictions – 1 units
  • Spurious data correlation – 1 units
  • Twitter: Markov Bots – 1 unit

Final Project Ideas Posts (2, one by October 5): 5%

This might be something like the following:

  • A description of an interesting data source and some work that could be done with it;
  • A extension of your archival data project with a digitization proposal to a realistic scope.
  • A set of questions about an issue and an initial attempt to catalog some of the already-existing data about it.
  • An extensive refinement of someone else’s post or question–research into available data, reflections on how a new method we’ve just learned might be applied to someone else’s questions for earlier, etc.

Blue Sky Proposal/Final Project Contract: 10%

Final Project: 25%