Blue Sky and Final Project Contract

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Final Project: Blue Sky Proposal and Final Project Contract

Your final project will be in scope and form very like a conference poster. If your project relies on specifically interactive elements, it may also be a web page of similar size and scope. If you have not seen or prepared a conference poster, spend some time researching online so you can understand the form.

Your final project proposal is due Friday, November 18th and will be submitted in two parts, totaling 1,500 words. Both of these parts should answer the questions posed in the project workshop:

  1. Where will you find the specific data this project will use? Has it been identified and explored, at least provisionally?

  2. What questions will the project use the data to ask (and hopefully answer)? There should be one big, central question and likely several smaller, related questions.

  3. How does this project fit into a larger framework? What might the “blue sky” version of this project look like, were time and money no object?

  4. Who, specifically, will care about this project’s findings? In other words, what impact could it have? What are the stakes?

More specifically, however, you should think of this as a project proposal and proof of concept/implementation.

Blue Sky Proposal (1,000 words)

The first section outlines the stakes and ambitions of the project. In this section you will demonstrate your understanding of the audience your project will address and the central intellectual questions it answers. Imagine you are pitching the project to investors, a grant agency, a newspaper editor, or a government agency: you should convey your vision for how you can solve a pressing problem—and it may be an intellectual problem, rather than a practical problem—pertinent to the city of Boston’s history or present.

Final Project Contract (500 words)

In this section you will outline precisely what you will accomplish during the final weeks of this course, and describe a deliverable that you will submit to Prof. Schmidt and Prof. Cordell as your final assignment. You should list all the project’s collaborators and describe the analyses you will perform and visualizations you will create.