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Final Projects are due over Blackboard by 11:59 PM, April 20.


As you’ve seen in class, these projects are taking a variety of forms. Submission should take a form appropriate for the project.

That said, for projects that look more like papers, aim to use a PDF format if at all possible. If the project is a webpage, your submission may be as small as a single link to the URL; You can also submit a short document with a URL at the top, and descriptions of group roles (see below) as the text.

Text and citations

All projects–including those whose primary output is a visualization, map, or interactive–must include, at a minimum, sufficient text to explain, cite, and interpret any data or other sources they use. If you use data that someone else has processed–for instance, a Boston Globe analysis of federal government data–be sure you cite and discuss the original source as well.

Citation isn’t all the text you need, of course–a regular theme in feedback has been to be sure to interpret, contextualize, and explore results.

It is perfectly appropriate to re-use text or images from your initial proposals, contract or in-class presentation if they still apply to your project.

Group roles

Groups should include some text in the final project outlining the roles played by each member. This should take a similar form to the final project proposal. This is documentation, not grading–except in exceptional circumstances, all group members will receive the same grade on the project.

Late Policy

Late submissions will be penalized by a third of a grade for each 24-hour period that they are late; projects that are more than 4 days late (April 25 submission) additionally risk earning an incomplete for the course.