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Possible sources for your second book

Your second book can be any nonfiction book about a person dealing with the city of Boston. (For these purposes, it’s OK if they come from a surrounding time like Cambridge, Concord, Salem, or Foxborough; please stick to Massachusetts, though). You must have not previously read it; it must have originally been printed as a book. One good place to find e-texts to download is (and its sister site,; you can plug in search terms there and find text files to download. You may need to read a little bit of a bio somewhere to ensure that your figure is connected to Boston. Project Gutenberg is also good.

It will be much, much easier to find full-text biographies written before 1923. That said, if you are able to find a full-text biography from after 1922 of a more modern figure (John Kennedy, Whitey Bulger, Elizabeth Warren, whoever) you should feel free to use it.

Some places to start are: