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Interviewer name:

  1. What’s your name? (Interviewer, put your name too, but above.)

  1. What city, town, or community where you’ve spent time do you most closely identify with?

  1. What real-world field are you most interested in applying the CS skills to?

  1. Are you currently taking fundies? Have you already?

  1. What can you do well using computers? (For example: do you have a programming language you’re great at? Web design ? Do you have 1000 instagram followers?

  1. Do you have a laptop you can bring to class? If not, a desktop at home?

  1. What is the year and make of the computer you’ll use for assignments? (Eg; “A 2016 macbook Pro; a two-year-old Dell Windows laptop; a five-year-old gaming tower running Debian”)

  1. How much time have you spend in Boston?