The grid… and fire insurance.



  • Go to ‘Assignments’ page for the fire insurance assignment.

Sign up for a map: link on assignment page.

  • “West” = Green line side of orange line tracks.
  • “East” = RP/International Village side of orange line tracks.
  • “North” = Inbound side.
  • “South” = Outbound

Download it from the BPL site. (This will take a while!)

Try to spread evenly.

Guest: Geoff Boeing

Fire Insurance: 1000 buildings project.

  • Physically join your map group.
  • Begin to create a new polygon vector layer in QGIS with a single field for ‘digitizer.’ (Follow the step-by-step instructions online)
  • Divide it up into polygons of about 30 buildings, and assign a person’s name/moniker to each.
  • Prioritize regions closer to modern-day campus.
  • Include at least one polygon for people who aren’t here.
  • If you want to informally trace your own area, that’s great.
  • Designate one person the uploader to Blackboard.
  • Join the group on blackboard.
  • If you want, start creating your individual layers.